On-Demand Bare Metal

Coming soon to Flex Metal Cloud

Modern deployments leverage both the power of the Cloud and the power of Bare Metal.?Get direct access to your server so that you can get the most performance out of your applications. Bare metal servers are requested via API or via Flex Metal Central.?They will be delivered onto a private VLAN in your private network in about 20 minutes, typically less.

Your Bare Metal Your Way

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Top Efficiency

Get all the performance benefits of direct access to the full power of a bare metal server. Install any operating system of your choice and run your applications natively.

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Cluster Workloads

Deploy cluster systems like Kubernetes, OpenShift/OKD, Apache Spark/Hadoop, or numerous other cluster systems directly on bare metal.

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Reserve Metal

Do you need hardware not available from our regular fleet??Check with your Account Manager for options on custom builds for your use cases.

More Flex Metal Cloud Components

Delivered on-demand and at scale.

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Get Free Credits for a PoC

Building a Proof of Concept(PoC)? You could qualify to get Free Flex Cloud Credits ranging from $200 to $10,000+.

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Take a Free Test Drive

The fastest way to get familiar with Flex Metal is to take a free test drive of our Hyper-Converged Small Cluster.

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Get a Free Consultation

Discuss your infrastructure requirements with the Flex Metal Cloud Team to get a personalized assessment.

Is Flex Metal Right for Your Company?

Not sure where to get started? Review our comprehensive Sales FAQs for details on the platform, automation, onboarding, and Day 2 Operations. We even cover the benefits of Hosted vs. On-Premise IaaS among other things.