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Web hosting for developers who use Ruby, an easy-to-use
open source coding language.


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Ruby Hosting with FREE SSD Included

Ruby is included free with all of our Business Hosting plans. Choose the plan that fits your needs
and build the website you want.

What is Ruby Hosting

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language used for building a variety of applications and comes installed on all shared servers. Ruby can make web-specific development much easier, so you can now quickly and efficiently create powerful web applications. You also have the ability to install Ruby Gems, or software packages that utilize Ruby, via SSH.

Ruby Hosting for Application Development

Ruby is highly regarded and is used to build quality, high-volume websites and applications. Some features include:

  • Scaffolding for fast, basic website creation
  • Ability to create a development environment by
    including a web server.
  • Fully-supported jQuery, CoffeeScript and Javascript.
  • Ability to install Ruby Gems via SSH using command line