SSH Hosting, with FREE SSDs!

Work faster, easier, and more securely with SSH hosting

  • Install software, setup databases, execute commands and more
  • Move freely within your servers file structure
  • Secure file transfers for increased security


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SSH Hosting with FREE SSD Included

With SSH access, a robust collection of tools for developers, and SSDs that perform up to 20 times faster than normal spinning drives, you can finally create the applications you've always wanted.

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Simplify Server Management with SSH

SSH hosting means much more than simply using the command line to access your server. It allows for an easier workflow and faster management than a graphical user interface is able to provide. For example, with a few simple commands, users can quickly create a new folder and transfer files from one directory to another. SSH hosting makes managing your server's file structure both simple and efficient.

SSH Tunnel Adds Security

With SSH hosting, you also have the ability to setup an SSH tunnel. With an SSH tunnel in place, you can send encrypted files with the assurance that unwanted third parties will not be able to access these files as they move from computer to server.

Quickly Install Applications with SSH

SSH allows you to quickly install some of today's most popular applications. With a couple of commands, applications such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Prestashop can be downloaded directly into a specific directory and unpacked. Thanks to the flexibility of SSH hosting, you can then log into MySQL to setup the corresponding databases.

InMotion Hosting: The #1 SSH Solution

In addition to free solid-state drives (SSDs), developer tools, and a number of other features, all of our Business Hosting plans come with SSH access included. We give you control of your server so that you can increase your productivity while remaining secure at the same time.

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